Journeying Forward with

Power and purpose


who are we

Eber Vision, LLC was founded by Trini K. Sherman as a coaching firm to develop leaders with a vision to make the world a more just and fulfilling place to live. Through a transformational coaching process, leaders will find purpose, meaning and fulfillment in the life they choose. This will lead to lower stress levels; their creativity will flow; their vision will be clarified;  and ultimately they will reach a high level of success based on purpose. This will enable them to motivate others into action and further the chain reaction toward justice, peace and equity around the world.


 Let's work together to make a difference in the world!


I was raised on St. Helena Island, South Carolina in Beaufort County. Growing up in this part of the country offered me a rich cultural experience and heritage as an African American female in the South. My parents were very instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement and instilled in me a sense of value for my life, a determination to succeed, the confidence to use my voice and to always stand up for my beliefs. They offered me the room for free expression and discussion, as well as motivated me toward independent thought and learning. However, there came a point when I realized that the influences of society, religion, and my race had led me to being very good at doing the "right thing" but not the "me thing." The life of "supposed to" did lead me to much success and now enjoying a new journey to fulfillment.


No matter the challenge or difficulty faced, my family experiences always reminds me to keep moving forward, keep reaching higher and to always dig deeper to find my greatness and share it with the world.

Let's Journey Together!


Why Coaching?



Have you followed the traditional path, done all the right things, found success and from the outside it appears you have it all? But you know that something is out of alignment; that something is missing. You have begun to ask yourself: am I living the life that fully resonates with who I am? Am I having the impact that I want to have? What am I called to do and is this it? Am I staying true to my values around family, community, and self-care? And as you ask these questions, you wonder where you will find the answers. If this is you, I would love to connect. You and I could work together and the answers to those questions will be revealed. We would find the solutions you seek; create a path forward together that leads to a sense of inner completion because your success will be matched with fulfillment; you will be filled with joy, peace, and excitement for the work that you do. Life will make sense to you.


I do this work because this is my story. I graduated #2 in my high school class; graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS degree in Chemistry; worked in Corporate America, managed a family, raised three children, had entrepreneurial successes, and found myself still missing something. What was missing was ME. I took care of everyone else, nurtured the dreams of others, and checked off all the boxes that I believed “I was supposed to.” Yet, where was I? What in my life looked like me? Where were my passions? Once I reprioritized ME, life began to make sense because I realized what I really wanted and began the courageous journey to reaching my highest potential. Subsequently, I found fulfillment. I want to share with you what I have been able to accomplish and watch you find what is your authentic path to fulfillment.

Let's Work to Shift your Perspective, because:

The key to life is fulfillment. Without fulfillment, true success will remain elusive.



Leadership Coaching

  • Have you reached a certain level of success and want or can envision more?

  • How could you benefit from a better work/life balance?

  • What would it feel like to reduce your level of stress?


How would you like to partner with someone who could support you in reaching your highest goals, reducing stress, and creating work/life balance?


Let's Partner Together!


  • Are you starting a new phase of life and want to do so with ease?

  • How much  control would you like to have over your emotions while you are in transition?

  • Want to walk confidently to your destination without stress?


As you journey to your next level, let's work together in creating a life of fulfillment filled with joy and peace.

    Let's Partner Together!

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is an attitudinal assessment that measures your energy based on how you respond to stress and typical life experiences. Taking the ELI can help you better understand the  choices you make that either yield the results you desire or limit you in  achieving your goals. It will  offer us insight into how to partner with you in creating a leadership plan that resonates with your goals, values and purpose.

     Let's Partner Together!